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DIY: 90’s Halter Crop Top (From a Tank Top)

DIY halter crop top sewing

I first came across this top on the Forever 21 website and fell in love. It’s so simple yet so basic and versatile that I think it can almost pass as an essential. What I love the most is the halter neckline, and who doesn’t love a 90’s vibe? I’ve been seeing this top everywhere lately. Other brands sell their own versions of it too.

You can definitely make this top from scratch, but if you’d rather make it out of an old tank to skip the start-from-scratch process, then I made this post for you. It’s also a good way to give back life to an old boring tank that you perhaps don’t wear anymore. I hope the trend sticks around for a while since I just finished making my own! Haha.

Let me say that this project might take some time, but it’s totally worth it. Now that I’ve said what I wanted to say, let’s get into the tutorial!


  • Well fitted tank top/ camisole (doesn’t matter if it is single strapped or wider like mine. As long as it has border hemming that can serve as the strings to tie behind your neck—see step 1—you’re good)
  • Scissors
  • Chalk for marking
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing materials: sewing machine/ needle, thread


I don't know how the white chalk mark vanished in the second part of the picture. Weird. The first two parts are the same thing, just showing before and after, so don't get confused!

I don’t know how the white chalk mark vanished in the second part of the picture. Weird. The first two parts are the same thing, just showing before and after, so don’t get confused!

① To create a neckline that is 5 to 6 inches wide: Find the centre of your neckline by folding the top lengthwise in half and marking with a chalk. Unfold then measure about 2.5 to 3 inches from the centre mark towards either side and mark.

You could hold up the neckline right under your neck to see if you’re happy with how wide your new neckline will be and adjust accordingly.

Now to create the two strings for tying: You will need to separate the hemming from the rest of the tank, except inside the 5 to 6 inch mark portion (see image above). To do this you should cut as close to the hem as possible. Do this slowly and be careful not to cut the hem itself.

Once the separating is done, snip the hem in half at the back to create your two strings. The length of your strings you get will depend on what type of top you’re using.

A low-necked or low-backed tank (like mine) would be perfect. This gives you more hemming and therefore longer string. And if you’re using a top that has a single strap, then it makes things easier for you since you would need to do less separating.


step 2-w-compressed

TWO. Wear your unfinished top and tie the strings behind making sure the neckline is high. Then on one side, fold the excess fabric inwards to get an angled folded line. Adjust till you’re happy with the angle and then pin into place.

Remove the top and fold lengthwise in half. Keeping the pinned side facing up, align both sides of the top. This is to get the exact angle on the other side as well. Trace out the angled border with your chalk; fold and pin the other side too in the same way.

Now you’ll need to cut off the excess fabric leaving about 1/2 an inch of seam allowance along the angled sides, and…


step3-w DIY halter crop top

THREE. …while you’re at it, you could continue and cut a straight line across the back. So by continuing, you are creating seam allowance for the back as well. To hem all these borders, fold in twice and sew.

I’m sorry if the picture above is confusing. That’s because I cut and hemmed the angled edges and the back separately. You could do it whatever way works for you!


step 4-w-compressed

FOUR. We’re almost there! Wear your top and mark where you want the bottom to end. I let mine end a teeny bit above my belly button.

Remove the top and fold lengthwise in half (yet again) then draw a straight line 1/2 an inch (seam allowance) below the chalk mark created. Cut along the line and then hem.


step 5-w-compressed

FIVE. This step is only for those whose tops don’t hug the waist well. All you need to do is turn your top inside out, mark slanting lines, sew along them and cut off the excess.

And with that you have yourself a cute transformed crop top!


I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and understand. I feel like I complicated a few parts (eek!). But if in doubt, there’s always the comment section below.

Please don’t forget to tag me on your Instagram pictures if you do recreate this! I would love to see them. My Instagram icon is on the right sidebar.

All the best!

♥ Namrata.


DIY: Boxy Crop Top From an Oversized Tee

DIY boxy crop top

I’m entering DIY clothing territory with this post, eek! I’ve been obsessed with making my own clothes and revamping old ones these days (my room is a mess now). It’s just too fun and also helpful when you’re on a tight budget.

I also love the idea of giving new life to old/ ill-fitting pieces. And who wouldn’t love showing off clothes they made themselves. Haha.

This project is really simple and requires only basic sewing skills. I hand sewed mine since my sewing machine is out of order, and it still didn’t take me too long.

I’ve mentioned plain tee in the materials below but I’ve used one with some (ugly) graphic in the front since that’s what I had at hand. Luckily there was just enough plain fabric below the graphic to make my top with. Phew.


  • Oversized plain jersey/ stretchy tee of your choice. Make sure it’s not so big that another you can fit into it too. It should maybe be 1 to 2 sizes bigger than your actual size. I’m a S/ XS size and I used a men’s M size for this project. But if all you have is a tee too big, you can always make it smaller (as shown in step 8)
  • Scissors
  • Chalk (or anything to mark on your tee with, which you’re sure can be washed off. Since I was working on a white tee and couldn’t use white chalk,—duh—I used a regular pencil and it worked just fine!)
  • Tailor’s measuring tape
  • Long solid ruler
  • Thread, the same colour as your tee


ONE. Stand straight in front of a mirror and with a measuring tape, measure from your shoulder down to the length you want your crop top to be. I measured till my belly button.


DIY boxy crop top

TWO. Lay out your tee on a flat surface and smooth out all the folds. Starting from the bottom hem and going upwards with the measuring tape, mark the length you just measured on yourself.

You could mark this length a few more times across the breadth of the tee so that when you join the dots, you get a straight line parallel to the bottom hem. Cut along the straight line neatly. Just make sure both the front and back are aligned properly before cutting. You will only be using the bottom portion of the tee for this project.


DIY boxy crop top

THREE. For the armholes, you can use a top you own as a guide. Mark the length of the armhole and neatly cut the side folds/ seams up to the marks. You can cut and throw away the inside seam extra bit to make it neat.


DIY boxy crop top

FOUR. To create the neckline, you can either use a top with a high neckline as a guide, or do it manually by measuring and cutting (which I did. I measured 4 inches which gave me an 8 inch wide neck hole). Either way, you will first need to fold the fabric in half breadth wise, so the sides of the tee meet.

If you’re using a top as a guide, fold it in the same way (so the neckline is seen and not folded inwards), align it on top of your tee, and mark out the curve of the neckline.

Wait! Don’t start cutting yet. You need to take out the back part of the tee from the fold so that you don’t get a neckline at the back too (unless you want that). Keeping the front part folded, cut along your marked neckline.


DIY boxy crop top

FIVE. Cut out the back of the neck by folding the back in half again, but a little higher than the front.


DIY boxy crop top

SIX. Flip the fabric inside out and stitch the top two shoulder sections together. I folded the edges once before sewing to make them more secure, but you don’t have to.


DIY boxy crop top

SEVEN. Next, tug at the raw borders (neckline, arm holes) so it stretches and rolls over itself.

EIGHT. You can now try on your new top! Look in the mirror and see how you like the fit.

If you feel the neckline is too high, you can mark how much lower you want it to be and cut. Just remember that once it’s cut, you can’t go back. Also, I think this top in particular would look better when the neckline is a bit high since it would add to the “boxiness”.

Also, check and see if you like how the top falls on you from all angles. I found mine to be a little too wide that it flared out from the back a little too much for my taste. If you like the effect… then you’re done! You don’t have to read the next step.


DIY boxy crop top

NINE. For those who want to make the top a little more fitted, all you need to do is stitch the sides.

Pinch at the sides while wearing it to get an idea as to how much you want gone, attach a pin or mark with your marker and then remove your top. With the tee inside out, flatten it out, draw straight lines (yes, straight) that go through the mark you created, and sew. I used a long solid ruler which helped me get really straight lines. ‘Cause I’m a perfectionist like that.

I sewed about 1 inch in. Just make sure your line curves as it reaches your armpit section, as shown in the picture below. Once sewn, you can cut off the excess fabric.

I’m loving my new top and I’m happy with how it fits. It’s such a basic and simple crop top. You can see the result below.

Psst. The pictures below are ready for pinning on Pinterest if you want to (the Pinterest button is below this post).

If you decide to make this then please share pictures of yours on Instagram and tag me in them. Would love to see them! My Instagram icon is on the right sidebar of this page.  Hope you liked this DIY guys!

DIY white boxy crop top

DIY boxy crop top